What I do, have been doing and want to do

2005 – Now: SEO Expert at SMM in theory too.

Main tasks are mainly in SEO, but covers online advertising and social media strategy too. Copy writing for both web and ads, writing SEO Guides and answering questions on, SEO tasks like link building, Google Analytics, etc.

2009 – Now: Social media marketing blogger at (in Danish).

My blog on social media marketing in Danish. Topics range from “How Tos” on Facebook or Word Press, to discussions of different social media marketing strategies. is quite a successful blog in Denmark, and I enjoy writing the articles.

2001 – 2005: Self employed SEO expert at Osiris and 21 Promotion.

SEO when SEO was SEO. A one man band doing web design and SEO. This was the pre Twitter years.

1998 – 2001: Web project manager and SEO consultant at Vision Team.

Web design, web programming, project management and SEO. This was the time when Alta Vista ruled.

My vision

Social search, local search, personalised search, real time search, universal search, you name it, has changed the landscape dramatically, 2009 indeed was a year of eruptions.

My prediction is that we will see new constallations in businesses and technologies, we will have to ajust, reinvent and renew our way of doing marketing, mobile business, community building, etc.

I strive to follow my instinct and continually learn more about these new ways of communication, marketing, online communities and other related diciplines.

Thank you for your time!

Peter Ulstrup