What Soccer Can Teach You About Online Marketing

Soccer and online marketing strategyYou don’t need to have a chromed strategy but you need to have some incorporate procedures, ways to communicate and navigational patterns, so always be open to change and unforeseen developments.

Online Marketing covers website and/or blogs, profiles on social media both on the web and via mobile devices like iPhone. Online marketing involves at least the following disciplines: seo, and ppc advertising, public relations, branding, conversion optimization plus tracking and analysis.

My point is that, by being properly prepared, one can create synergy between several disciplines, equivalent to letting the ball do the work.

Over the past years and months, search engine result pages (SERPS) have changed, especially Googles, and now shows the results from a variety of media on page 1; Twitter, YouTube, organic results, adwords ads and realtime search is now everyday and in conjunction, the views of search engine results pages vary depending on location, personalization and search patterns. SEO today, is a very broad term for the optimization of many types of media, video, audio, images and text. Last but not least, novelty and domain trust plays a big role too.

Social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others can also be used in online marketing. Not as sales channels, not as one-way channels, but to create dialogue and attention. Online marketing will be absurd without SEO and the opportunities offered by social media can boost both seo for your online shop, your blog or your company website, and related social profiles on Facebook, YouTube, etc.

The important point is that you include all factors in the overall strategy, that you write down all ideas appearing and break them into categories, eg. by the media, and present them as a “tone” that you find, a playing style that suits the players’ competencies and the ideas of the coach.

The Midfield

In soccer, you can play with a diamond constallation on the midfield, four players who constantly moves for each other when they have the ball and constantly backs each other when it comes to pressure. My suggestion is to start with four types of media and use them as a diamond, a blog, a facebook page, a twitter profile and a personal profile. It might be that whats to be promoted is a webshop, but it does not matter, a webshop is not a player, but a price.

A blog should address topics that are related to your store, your interest, your sales pages, or whatever it is you want to promote. I recommend WordPress as a blogging system, check out, that the theme you choose is SEO friendly (Thesis is cool).

A Facebook page will be your company’s presentation on Facebook, where many people spend lots of hours. Remember: “What Happens in Vegas, stays on YouTybe” as Erik Qualman says. There are a myriad of applications for Facebook, including Social RSS showing headlines from the last 5 blog posts to your blog. FBML which allows you to do a lot of changes and other applications which can be used to promote your company on Facebook.

The importance of a Twitter profile is of course dependent on how large a portion of your audience are active on Twitter. Nevertheless, a Twitter profile is good to have as it offers a quick oppertunity to find news and react quickly in both attack and defense, Twitter is a very agile player. Your Twitter profile is important because you here have input in real time, and because you have the opportunity to respond in real time.

Your personal profile is reflected in the other three players, the personal profile, is the routined player who can keep track of the situation, is the personal profile is skilled at predicting dangerous or favorable situations and react according to experience. It is the personal profile that goes out on other blogs and write comments, it is the personal profile which shines through in the language and choice of topics and is the personal profile that creates consensus.

The Defence

The talented goalkeeper can win games and a good goalkeeper is supporsed to shout. The goalkeeper directs the wall and must be of absolute authrity and have 100 percent trust from the defence players.

The Four-back chain must be able to act at the same time, pull the opponent players offsite, and thus get the opponent’s attack averted, hard fight, speed and offensive qualities also make a defense player better. Your defense is, as a starting point, to listen to what people say, and especially What they say about you. And then decide whether to initiate a dialogue by responding. With a tool such as Social Mention can see what trends for specific keywords (i.e. your name, company name, products, services, etc.) and Google Analytics is pretty good when it comes to statistics. Both services are free and web based.

The Attackers

Two men in fron does not sound of very much, but with support from the midfield and defense, it can be dangerous enough and as you know, the best defense is to attack.

The attacker’s primary role is to score the goals needed to win matches. And scoring goals can be achieved in many ways; Be first with something that makes a trend, start using different medias for old tasks, eg. by communicating new things out via Facebook or Twitter, take advantage of your Google Analytics analysis reports and explore the boundaries of marketing on social media.

The Team

Players play games and practice but to successeed, there must be a strong support base. Your base is good rankings in search engines achieved through SEO, Adwords ads, conversion optimized landing pages, good informational pages and articles, reasonable prices and good quality in your shop, etc. Your team also counts those people, who ensures a sound business.

Let the ball do the work

By having all these things work as one organism, both soccer and online marketing gets better. Use Facebook to tell about your newsletter, use Twitter to draw attention to a new blog post, use your blog to write about things your customers want to know more about. Comment on others’ entries on Facebook or Twitter, get more content on blog posts with user comments, use Twitter for customer support, use Facebook and Twitter to promote small YouTube videos, etc.

Make sure there are RSS feed on the blog, make sure that people can comment and use your “personal profile” when you reply.

In a small or medium sized company, it is important that all employees, everyone! Are involved and knows what is going on. It is important that the various employees are kept informed about issues affecting their field, but aggregation of data requires just a single employee who monitors the network. Bloglines RSS reader to follow news and article feeds, Google Reader to monitor alerts from Google, Social Mention to follow social media and Google Analytics to monitor web trends.

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