Fav. 5 on Web Strategy

Hard thoughts on web strategyMy favorite five articles on web strategy. Jeremiah Owyang, Brian Solis and others share their thoughts on web strategy, best practices and indepth explanations.

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Jeremiah Owyang: The Three Spheres of Web Strategy –Updated for 2009

A very illustrative article explaining the three spheres, what they are and how they connect. An excellent study of web strategy.

Brian Solis: ROI: How to Measure Return on Investment in Social Media

Brian Solis shows how to measure ROI on social media and both ROI and measuremet is explained so that these concepts can be incorporated in an over all web strategy.

Maki: Building Complementary Services: A Powerful Long-Term Social Media Marketing Strategy

An exellent article from DoshDosh on the art and science of attention grapping social media marketing strategy richly illustrated with cases and examples.

Tamsen McMahon: A scientific method to tame social media madness

Plan a social media marketing campaign by asking the right questions, defining goals, and everything in between. Find the in betweens by using scientific method research.

Adam Singer: Architecting A Social Web Marketing And PR Strategy

An excellent article explaining how to build a social web marketing strategy. Adam Singer covers areas like how to leverage your social presence, authenticity, and PR.

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