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AR and Mobile MarketingNo doubt, mobile will grow fast, and by mobile I mean smart phones, tablet pc, iPad, Kindle and similar internet based mobile devices. Augmented reality, location and other technologies opens up for new thinking.

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Jeremiah Owyang: Video: What’s Next For Mobile, A Discussion on Augmented Reality, Custom Content, and Video Games

This article demonstrates what’s next in mobile marketing. The video is a must see and gives an excellent overview over future technological possibilities in mobile marketng.

Dean Sherwin: First Augmented Reality App – Metro Paris Subway

Augmentet Reality (AR) is on the move. Location based apps like the one in this article shows the way for mobile marketing.

Rimma Katz : Augmented reality is next big thing in mobile advertising: CTIA panel

Inspirational article on how AR is going to be incorporated in entertainment, games and education. New perspectives on how AR can help in community building.

PixPol: Why Smart Brands are Jumping Into Virtual World Marketing

The link between virtual worlds and mobile marketing is the incorporation of brands and marketing messages in mobile apps, i.e. augmented reality, all in one digital identity and cross platform avatars.

Giselle Tsirulnik: Five tips to get the most out of Google Buzz

Google Buzz is not (yet) as widespread as many other mobile applications, but it’s on the rise, this article gives you some good tips as to why and how.

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