Peter Ulstrup Hansen My name is Peter Ulstrup Hansen.

I Graduated 1996 with an MD in Social Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen and have been working with internet related stuff since then. Since 1998, online marketing, especially SEO.

There isn’t really anymore to say except, maybe, that I also play the banjo and am the happy owner of a Deering Good Time banjo. The banjo have been of some use in my alt.country band, Country Friends, but usually it’s the guitar I play in the band.

Sometimes I retreat to a cottage in the North near the sea, to play the banjo without being disturbed. Of course I can’t play banjo all the time, so reading novelists like Annie Proulx, Cormac McCarthy or Hemmingway is a nice retreat too.

I play soccer with a bunch of hippies and my son, aged 22, plays with us too. My 18 year old doughter has other interests and the woman I love, love fine arts so I’m a frequent guest at the art museums in Denmark and any other country we visit, and that’s quite a few over the years.

Please connect with me if you have further inquieries or think I can be of any help.

Thanks for your time!